We are a coalition of neighborhood and independent pharmacists and pharmacies focused on empowering Floridians to take control of their health care and increasing access to affordable medication by cutting out prescription drug middlemen who drive up costs to line their own pockets.

If you think physicians and pharmacists are solely in charge of prescription drug decisions, you are wrong. Most patients think their physician makes the final decision about which drug is best for them. When a physician prescribes a drug for you, that decision is based on what’s best for your health and your needs. Similarly, when a pharmacist dispenses the drug, the pharmacist provides advice and services based on what’s best for your individual circumstances.

But, that’s now how it really works anymore.

The prescription drugs that PBM middlemen decide to cover are based largely on which drugs PBMs get the highest rebate from manufacturers, rather than on what might be best for a patient’s health care needs.

What are Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM)?

They are a $300 billion industry. They are giant prescription drug middlemen controlling the costs of medication for millions of Americans. They mark up the costs and take commission on prescriptions covered under their “benefits plan.”

We are the industry watchdog in Florida. We not only want to shed light on the shady practices of these prescription drug middlemen, but we want to restore the patient pharmacist relationship so that families are in control of their health care, not mob boss style middlemen who make billions off of families.